The reputation of HanseMerkur Insurance Consultancy (HMIC) of providing you with a high-quality service is of utmost importance. HMIC values feedback from customers as this allows us to take necessary steps to improve our service.

HMIC will take all necessary steps to review any concerns and to resolving any concern or complaint at the earliest possible.

This procedure manual has been designed to provide guidance to our customers how we endeavor to deal with complaints. We are committed to being consistent and fair when handling any complaint.

1. The objective of this policy is to ensure:

  • that you are aware how complaints are registered and handled,
  • that your complaint is investigated impartially with a balanced view of all information or evidence,
  • that we take reasonable steps to protect your personal information.

2. How you can make a complaint:

Please speak directly with the staff member(s) you have been dealing with if you are unhappy with a service received from us. If you are still dissatisfied then please contact us by:

We may request you to send us your complaint in writing in case that we received your complaint on the phone.

The following key steps are followed for all complaints received by the staff of HMIC:

3. In case that you require assistance with your complaint

Your complaint will be taken very seriously and looked at with utmost care. However, in case that you feel that you require further assistance the complaints may be registered through the following links:

  1. Insurance Authority Complains Department
  2. DHA Complaints Department